“My Drunk Husband Beats Me Up After Drinking”


asd_censoredI don’t know how many times i stop myself from calling the police. It’s been so many times, the man whom i married and hope will take care of the family has viciously beat me up everytime he gets drunk. Sometimes it’s a slap sometimes it’s a punch. My children trembles whenever he comes home drunk.

Last week it was the worse i ever endure. I got a black eye from him after i tried to carry him on to the bed. I love him so much I don’t know what to do. If i were to divorce with him. The one that suffers is my kids. I don’t mind getting hit once or twice a week. But i do not know how to face my family and colleagues with this mark on my face. It is too obvious, no kind of excuse or makeup will allow me to hide it completely.

I know that he is stress from work and he is trying his best to feed the family. I feel powerless and stress. But i do not know what to do. My close friend told me that she will help me get a lawyer and get a divorce or she will call the police next time she see me with any marks on my body, i dare not go out and meet my friends. All i can do is pray.

Submitted by: Prisha


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