My daughter said if i don’t buy her the iphone 7 she will provide unethical service for money.


pc_600x450Hi Singapore Uncensored,

This iphone 7 bullsh*t is driving me insane. Young people are following are forcing them to sacrifice themselves for the sake of keeping up with friends. The Iphone fever is a pandemic.

My daughter has been harnessing me yesterday and asking me to buy her the latest IPhone 7. I just got her the iPhone 6 less than a year ago. I told her is it really necessary to change to a new phone when her current one is working fine. She mentioned that she dont want to look like a loser among her classmates and still carrying the old iPhone.

I told her there is no way that i would spend another $1000 so i can satisfy her “pride” among friends. She started saying “if you do’t buy for me never mind, i go find a old guy buy for me”.

The argument heated and i was on the verge of slapping her. Can someone advise me what i should do?

I feel like sending her to a third world country and let her experience and understand how good life is already.

(submitted by: concern father)


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