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Hi I think there’s not many ways to put this across nicely but long story short, I hate my father. Bear in mind I’m not one of those spoilt puny kids seeking attention or just because he dosent buy me stuffs.

I’m the oldest sibling amongst the 3 sons my mom has. Ever since I was a kid I had to meet different academic standards in order to not get caned. (yes you heard that right) I remember getting straight As for my subjects in primary school and got a B for Chinese. Hell be upon be that night. Meanwhile my siblings only had to pass or do decent to get play stations and new games that sort of stuffs.

Whenever he talks to me it’s as if I owe him smth. Never took a penny from him since I entered the army. Ran a small online shop with a good friend which turned out pretty good and a foreign small company bought us over few years back. (my family had no idea, they assumed I did part time jobs to get income)

He’s always yelling at me for ridiculous reasons (buying takeaways instead of eating out, like what even) exceeding my phone bills even though I pay for our entire family’s phone bill. (what evennnn). He talks to me as if I’m his employee and the drastic difference in treatment between me and my family is disgusting. Thankfully my brothers are quite close and even feels bad for me and speaks up for me sometimes only for me to get accused of teaching my siblings the wrong things(wt*)

Never been the loud kid, did well in school, buys parents gifts and family meals. He’s never been there during my childhood, I struggle to get a memory of me and my dad actually having fun. He’s basically my father on paper (if that makes sense). Once I had a wrist/ankle fracture after falling in the bathroom, he just ask me to sleep it off. Thankfully my brothers rushed me to the hospital after my pinky starting turning blue against his advice. (almost lost my fingers). And he puts me down during cny in front of relatives because apparently I’m the retarded kid (stat board scholar btw, humble brag)

What should I do? Asian values tells me to remain filial and all that crap but I’ve really had enough built up all these years. Im decently financially stable. Should I move out and get an apartment somewhere else? All these got so much worse when he retired and sold his business few months back. He’s basically nagging and ranting at me everyday and my mental health is honestly taking a toll.


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