My cheating gf say she on tinder just for a social experiment! Lying BITC*H!



Dear SingaporeUncensored,

My gf told she wanted to be tinder because she need to do a social experiment for her school project. I wasn’t very keen knowing how my male and female friends will use it to hook up. Even myself i heard of stories of cheating stories.

So i ask her could she find anything else other than using tinder? She told me that its was one of the easier to scored and do among the rest of selection. Easy my ass, easy to cheat on me that is really happening!

At first she promised to let me read the conversation as and when i wanted to and even gave me her password to her phone. We don’t have the habit of reading each other msgs or checking each other phone because we had that mutual trust and understanding that it will be invasive to one’s privacy.

Sooner i realise she was spending more and more time on the phone texting even during our date and giggling at it. I asked what is it she was giggled and she reply nothing. Eventually meeting her was an issue as she would cite that she busy with school project or too tired to meet. I mean come on i work on rotating shift i still try my best to fit my schedule around her.

This is when i decided to cross the line as i got ways to access her phone remotely without her knowing and all my suspicions was confirmed! One of the night shift that we supposed to meet for breakfast after that, she was actually out partying with the guy she met from tinder! I can’t imagined what had happened that night? The time she was busy with school project she was actually out to JB with him no wonder she couldn’t reply prompt. I saw the photos folders.

I don’t want to open it cause i don’t want see things that I could broke my heart. I felt betray 4 years of relationship down the drain. I thought of blasting her, but i decided to do another approach which was to just quietly end the relationship cause our feelings have faded. That b*tich she actually broke down and cry in front of me asking why am I so heartless after 4 years together. I was burning but I kept a straight face cause I know the truth who the really the heartless one!





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