My c*b sister stole money from my mom for her bf



Dear SingaporUncensored,

My elder sister is really a damn c*bai recently we realise that she stealing from my mom retirement fund. We realise after the bank statement came one of the day. It was quite strange since for few months we thought that the bank overlook to send the monthly statement.

My mother who is can’t read or write as she never been to school had appointed my elder sister to be her agent to manage her financial affairs. As my mother doted on her the most from young, naturally she thought that it will be a good choice for her but lo and behold its wasn’t seems that way.

My elder sister changed the moment she gotten together with this good for nothing boyfriend her 35 year old already still jobless and taking money from his parents and from my sister. On top of that he like to gamble visiting illegal casino locally and offshore one. I seriously don’t what she see in him.

But its my sister choice after all we tried our best to persuade her but it was fallen on deaf ears eventually we gave up telling her off.

The last straw was that we found out multiple of thousands being withdrawn over the past few months. I confronted my sister and told her that is was unfair of her to take advantage of my mom even to touch her retirement funds. I took over the taking care of the funds instead and tried my best to top up back the differences.

She refused to pay back the amount withdrawn out and say that “mom also going to pass away soon why still need so much money”. I gotten so angry and wanted to slap her but i holded back ever since we are not on talking terms.

-Unfillal Son


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