My boyfriend say my C*B loose because I enjoy clubbing



Dear Singapore Uncensored,

My boyfriend has told me that he doesn’t want a girlfriend who wants to go clubbing and drink. We have been together for 2 years, We met at a club and for the first 6 months always went clubbing together and Zouk out together

I don’t club till i get wasted. i love dancing, socializing and getting a few social drinks. I love to dress up not so much for the attention but its like a whole getting ready ritual with my “sisters” we used to have so much fun going out together. Suddenly out of the blue he changed in the recent couple of months and says he never wants to go again, and if he doesn’t want to i can’t go on my own.

If I were to go without him we would end up fighting and he will ruin my whole night calling me and spamming me msg. making fights whole night and even tell me “my c*b loose is it”. I am 20, he is only 22 but he will refuse to have a night out.

Zouk have recenlty open at a new venue outlet and i really want to with my friends whose birthday is coming up  I dont want to lose all my friends! i want to go out and have fun, is that so bad? is there something wrong with wanting to go clubbing?

He thinks i want to go chat up guys and get wasted. I am a hip hop dancer and he says “hip hop dancing is for sluts” what the hell! It not as if i dirty dancing or grinding on guys.

Sad clubber girl


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