My boss answered my question with a question!!!



Dear SingaporeUncensored,

Often when I ask my boss a question about what it is I should be doing he tells me he has already answered. Often times he has answered something similar or the situation has changed so I ask again. What should I say when he replies like this because I’m asking the question so I can do things right and don’t want to do things wrong? I want to phrase this as politely as possible.

An example of is when someone dropped off a cable lock with a key in it at my desk. I recalled the rule no keys on the desk but considering we put the cable locks with the key on a shelf right beside the desk I thought I was missing some information. I asked my boss if we are not allowed to keep keys on our desk and what to do with the cable lock and he said “to answer your first question it says in the e-mail I had sent you”.


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