My auntie like to collect small boys underwear!!!



I have auntie of mine i think she have a fetish of collecting small boy underwear. As she working freelance jobs so most of the time she can work from home. As is she still single, she often dotes on me and my little brother like her own. I really like her a lot cos she was very nice to us often bring us out to play and treating us icecream.

One day while at her home she said she need to run some errands so she leaving us at home for a few hours. Being the curious one, I decided to explore her bedroom as i never been in there before. I guess her room was just like my mom and dad one with all the beauty products and normal clothes. But there one drawers with a different content.

It contain small boy underwear each in a ziplock bag with label with the age of the boy height,weight and photo too. I think there is at least 20 different packet of it. I quickly close it up and went off as i knew she would return back sooner or later. I think i can never look at my auntie the same way anymore.



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