My accidentally rub my hand against my classmate chest and she cry molest



Dear SingaporeUncensored,

I just want to get this off my chest. Seriously I never been accused and taken advantage of like this before. I was just a normal student minding my own business in school keeping to myself. One fine day while I was having this discussion with my project mate and i failed to notice that was a girl behind me and I just pushed out my hand and lo and behold i touched something soft. Shit i utter to myself.

Then she started crying and start to accused to be of molesting her and the worst part is we were all in the library so embarrassing in front of so many people. Fortunately, one of the guy came to stood up for me and say if he really molest you we should inform the campus security and call the police.

Then when the girl stop crying and walk away quickly and i was still in shock. To the  unnamed brother who stood up for me thank you!



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