My abusive mom threw my stuff away because I didn’t wanted to eat breakfast.



Dear Singaporeuncensored,

I was rushing for a morning class and was going to be late. Just went i was in the shower my mom yelled at me that she was going to make me breakfast. I told her i was running late and its was okay. When i was about to leave the house, she starting screaming and yelling at her top of her voice “ah boy i made you breakfast why you don’t want to eat? I just shouted back that i didn’t needed breakfast.

That actually gotten her pissed off. She starts raising her voice at me, telling me how I’m ungrateful, telling me that how other people would think i that being abused because i was too skinny for my good, telling me that I was a good for nothing, and many unpleasant things to the ears.I just gotten my stuffs and walked to the bus stop with her screaming at the background.

As I was walking, I started to worry that while I was gone she would go through my stuffs and either throw them out or wreck them. Sometimes, when she’s angry at me and I’m away, she’ll “clean” my room by throwing out a lot of my old stuff that she knows I’m attached to. The last time she did it, she threw away all of my favorite clothes, and went through all of my toys and videos games.

Sure enough, when I got back home, my room was “cleaned”.I have written many important information on my post it on the wall. They’re all gone, along with lots of little miscellaneous things like figurines and toys and stuff. I looked through my books and she hasn’t left notes all over them this time, but I’m still worried she’s gone through them. They’re all in a slightly different place than where they were when I left. I feel so violated. They’re supposed to be private. I haven’t checked my clothing yet so I’m not sure if anything from there is missing.



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