Murder At Geylang 23. Body Suntan For 5 Hours



(Image Source: TNP)

A 52-year-old coffeeshop aide, known as Niu-ge, was discovered dead after a battle at Lorong 23 Geylang yesterday at 8am.

After five hours, his bloodied carcass, which had obvious wounds to the face, was lying out and about and his head was laying on the kerb.

Witnesses say the body was at first secured with a white material and a blue tent.

In any case, when The New Paper on Sunday (TNPS) landed at the scene at 10.30am, the fabric had been evacuated.np_20160710_lhmurder10-32v_1320192

In the stifling warmth, the body could be seen by anybody remaining behind the police cordon, which was set around 20m away.

Why the body leave there so long?!??!


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