nicoletay!! Beware of Tokens of eternity aka Keepsake Co. Now !!

I think I’ve had enough of being treated like a fool when given many chance for a good closure yet to have suffered grievance in silent by this keepsake co.

Mummies & mummies-to-be or even friends who want to do keepsake memento(cord, nb hair or bm) for their baby. Im stepping out to share what horrendous experience I’ve been thru since July.

Silly of me to not do much research n dive into the luring “1for1” bm charms sale In March 2018. Ordered online thru fb messenger with MELODY ZHUANG (founder of TOE) was the biggest mistake ever and start of my sleepless nights.

Trusted my 2yr+ last pumped bm and last bit of nb elder child hair to make into keepsake is “lost” <<blame Singpost Smarpac>> with no full refund and given empty promise to redo w compensation of 30%, only to be pronounced null in just less than 3wk.
Delay & mail lost tactic & poorly crafted product was also seem in other mummies blog/SS, just need to search online.

The event unfolded like this: (sorry for d long post)
Made 1st order (for elder child keepsake) in Mar2018. While waiting patiently for my bm + hair “Pandora alike charms” jewel after passing the promised 2-6wk waiting time, I started to follow up my keepsake status and also made 2nd order (for 2nd child keepsake) during the bidding sale. After delays, I received the charms that is obviously send without QC. Lop-sided & sharp metal eyelet. So informed TOE & ask to mail bck w 2nd order materials.

So send back on 5jun w 2nd child incision.
Started following up in late July if rectification was completed. Eventually by Aug it is again over 8wks promised. Delays after delays, TOE eventually send a completed order photo to me n said she is going to send out. Waited 2 wk+ for a smartpac registered mail which supposed to be 2to4working day. Eventually TOE blamed singpost for losing my parcel despite couldn’t provide evident of mailing it out. Own self email in to singpost and were told singpost did not recvd the parcel.

Eventually I made a police report for the suspected scam from TOE.
Contacted few other customers mummies and all had their orders delayed. But eventually 2nd mum who recvd her order had a gold foil bangle which has the exact gold foil at same position n shape n size. How coincident for handicraft to b identical?<attached image of the identical bangle> So of course TOE denied that she used the same bangle to fulfil another order instead of mine . But this also suggested that TOE might had not even mailed out my order since she can’t proof she mailed out my order!

When MELODY ZHUANG was invited to police station for statement, while case is still investigating she offered to redo for me with additional 30% refund on 28Aug.
However, as trust was lost & no more elder bb hair to do another set, I suggested for full refund but got rejected.
After 2wk of reconsideration, TOE announced change of company name due to change of mgmt. And all outstanding issues were happily resolved! I was caught by suprise for the change of image. (But seriously who will take over this business with tarnished reputation other than throwing smoke bomb to tide over the scandal.)
Without delay since the Keepsake Co. New policy has full refund policy, I replied to TOE hoping for a closure to either do full refund or fulfil the redo w 30% refund.

To my horror, the new mgmt not only rejected my full refund, tel me the promise by Melody zhuang is no longer valid! No bm bangle! No more 30% refund even if i were to REDO! WORST! Asked to pick items that is easily moulded by template SO that I won’t recvd defective charms or pick lower value items to redo.

Seriously, I felt really being bullied not once but over a period of months. I now need to break the silence and let other mummies know this big bully!
Cautious mummies so that u doesn’t has to lose ur precious priceless bb items meant for memento and had to go thru the humiliation ordeal I’ve went thru!

When all I asked for was to give me bck my bb nb hair and refund me fully.

!! Beware of Tokens of eternity aka Keepsake Co. Now !!I think I've had enough of being treated like a fool when given…

Posted by Nicole Tay on Friday, September 21, 2018


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