A few days ago it was near my good friend (calling him S), he was from Sarawak and non-Muslims. After being subjected to sexual harassment from Uber driver, driving a red Bezza car. She was alone at that time and just wanted to go home from Subang’s shopping center. It happened in the middle of the night.
It’s a conversation dialogue in their car on a journey that I can remember. At the beginning of the conversation it was still normal for Uber drivers to open the topic.

Driver: What age?  want to know you.
S: 24year. (please correct the pronunciation of the name)
After a few minutes on the way, Uber’s driver was just as incorrect as they were on their way again.
Until then, the driver started asking the question instead.
Driver: Are you eating? If you’re hungry, I’ll bring you to go eat  now.
S:Nah its good not good, I want to go back.
Driver: You sit with whom. Can I come back with you?
S: No problem. I live with family. ABANG I am waiting for me now. (Just set the story to keep personal information)
Already wanting to get that destination, S deliberately ordered a drop-off driver far from the apartment because he did not want the driver to know where he lived. Alhamdulillah survived, it was most important.
After S got out of the car and walked back to the apartment, fortunately, there some guard over there.
S received in 4 misscalls from the driver, and noticed there was one message from him saying “I can pay you tonight?”, In a sense, he wants to pay S to ‘sleep’ with him.
What’s more, S reply message driver is included warning. Uber reports Uber and police reports that men like him were arrested, banned from driving and becoming drivers for the future. Initially the phone number was blocked by the driver, as the message could not be delivered. The next day S received another message from him begging and apologizing.

But rice has become porridge, because the report has already been made. He said he had been arrested.
Thanks to the authorities for their quick cooperation and action.
Keep in mind, maybe S is not the first victim of this driver, there may be more women out there who are victims of this driver but they can only be silent and stingy to do any action. Please send a message to your female acquaintances, no matter what, brother, sister, friend, bust to. Do not let them ride Uber / Grab / Taxi alone, especially midnight.

My order is for drivers out there.
DRIVERS, YOU HAVE ONE JOB; DRIVE YOUR PASSENGERS SAFELY TO THEIR DESTINATION. IF YOU DO NOT SEE JODOH, DATING APP HELPS. Messages to friends who drive Uber / Grab / Taxi, please do not make a rush, do not scratch, do not want to hunt. Be a professional driver, be a gentleman. Even the drivers are still 5 Stars, as long as the passengers feel comfortable traveling. Do not think women dare to fight.
. Thank you.
Short messaging for women if there is a situation forced to get uber sorang2, if possible sit back seat. If the driver is suspicious, make sure the phone is on, or inform your friends / contacts, driver info, train info. Do not provoke the driver later becomes more turbulent. Do not panic and be calm.
Before any of you blame the victim wearing sexy or freehair. Remindering once again, S is non-Muslim, and for those who are out there they are considered ‘easy targets’.
Cause the attitude and mentality to blame the girl is the one who is out there wandering around. There are also rape cases in the rape and closing in. So please apply it, what we say is a reflection of our true self. Throw the habit of blaming the victim, throwing a sexist mentality.
And who did not ask that sexy? The answer is NO. He dressed CLOSE.
Please be wise, do not guess for assumptions and bad thoughts. We ourselves who condemn it are not necessarily perfect. I was not perfect, I closed my aurat too. The good man is the person who lowers his view.
“Say to the believing men, that they should guard their gaze and guard their private parts, that is the more sacred part of them: verily Allah is Aware of what they do”
-Surah An-Nur verse 30
At the request of the wife to this driver I received in the inbox appeal to delete the picture. Then the image has been deleted. Think of these lessons. I remove my cause because of the wife, not the husband. The driver gets guidance. Allah is Exalted and Forgiving. May we all be preserved under Him.
EDIT 4: (sis sis suh sis edit 😅)
Although I was surprised by my friend’s issue being harassed. But until now I still use the Uber / Grab service because I’m sure.

FB post by Nur Damia Azlan


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