Assalamualaikum (may peace and blessings be upon you),

It has come to my attention that my bike photo was posted online with a message stating that i was revving it “loudly” and upsets one of the MANY neighbours in my neighbourhood. I am here to set things straight.

1. Yes, i did rev my bike in the early morning as i was having a problem where my bike keeps stalling while about to move off. Revving it continuously was the only way i know of to ensure that petrol was going into the carburetor.

2. No, my exhaust is not a “modified” exhaust system like some gundoos here stated. I have paid an inspection fee and also have a valid certificate from LTA to confirm the legality of my exhaust system.

3. To the bitter person who pasted vandalism on my bike, because i am a very centered and calm person, i will let you off with a warning this time. On the day it happened, i just thought that this was a minor thing and also was already running late for work. So i brushed the whole incident off. Even so, i will NOT hesitate to make a police report for vandalising my bike. So please, if you, the person who posted the messages on my bike have any decency, the least you could do is leave your contact so we can have a chat about your displeasure.

4. I challenge you, the person who posted the message on my bike to call up LTA, like some people here suggested for them to check the validity of my “modified” exhaust.

Sorry for the long post. Hopefully this clears the matter on my case. I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience i may have caused to my fellow neighbours from my actions.


Source: FB post by Bambino Aji-nomoto


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