Mother’s BF Abuse Her And Stay At Her Home Like A F*King Freeloader

89684430_XS_censoredAlright. So my mom has a boyfriend which stays with her Until recently where he moved out.
It was because my mom had been chasing him for money as he has been staying at her house for free. Bathe, eat ,sleep. Everything for free!
He claims that he do not has a single cent but he could afford a pack of cigarette everyday?
He always goes home drunk and would start a fight with my mom and even hit her at times
Even when they broke up he still continued staying there.
So instead of paying rental, my mom told him to pay for the maid which was $550/ month. He did not pay a single cent at all and told his friends that he paid everything in the house blablabla. And up till today, she did not even receive a single cent and he moved out saying that he don’t owe anything

“There is no free lunch in the world, Uncle Desmond”

Submitted via: FB messages(anonymous)

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