I usually hate Facebook posts like these, but I don’t know how else to get the word out.

Last Saturday (26 January 2018) evening, my wife and I were at The Grandstand. We were leaving Kidzland and walking towards our car. My wife was carrying my 2-year old son. She stepped on a drain grating which divided the entrance of Kidzland from the car park, when the grating collapsed under her. She fell into the drain suffering a number of cuts and scraps. Unfortunately, as she fell forward whilst dropping into the drain, my son also hit his head on the road.

The staff of Kidzland were great and provided first aid assistance. We went to see a doctor immediately after. My wife had to get a tetanus shot. We have since been monitoring our son and, thankfully, he hasn’t exhibited any symptoms of concussion so far.

What’s driven me to post this is the response from The Grandstand’s management office:

– We received a call on Saturday night asking for details of the incident, but have not heard from them today.

– I was at The Grandstand again today and wanted to speak to someone from their management office. The security guard refused to let me know where it was and diverted me to the Concierge. The Concierge allowed me to speak to someone from the management office by telephone, but the person had no knowledge of the incident. I was told to expect a reply from them.

– I went back to the location of the incident, and found that the drain grating had been replaced without repair or warning signs. In other words, another person could easily step on same corner of the grating and fall through. The location of the defective grating is between the family parking lots, and Kidzland and Giant i.e. highly trafficked by family, children and the elderly.

The concierge and security guards were absent by then, and I called the management of Kidzland (who had earlier kindly followed up) to notify him. Tomorrow, I will try to reach out to the Grandstand again.

In the meantime, please be careful at the Grandstand!

1. By request, I have made this post public for sharing.
2. This post is intended to warn people. I abhor the spread of anger and vigilantism online. Accordingly, whilst the post can be shared, I do not consent to the use of its contents or associated photos on other websites.


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