Our nation have always strive to be best at everything, from World’s Best Airport to World’s Most Boring City to be in. But with the high cost of living, is everything rosy on our roads?

An in-joke among Singaporeans back in the day would be that Malaysia roads are the worse due to the amount of potholes and roadkill which can be found along their highway. But has the tables turned? There has been reports around Singapore that the amount of potholes are increasing around our country.

We took a trip around Singapore and found that the condition of our road has indeed worsened. There has been potholes found along Punggol, Jurong, Tuas and certain areas in the central district to name a few. These would lead to danger for our motorists who are on 2 wheels in which they could fall down due to low visibility of the road should they be riding at night as well as those who are 4 wheels, which would cause unnecessary amount of money to repair dented bumpers or even damage to the suspension. What is more scary is that, most of these potholes still appear months after we last visited the areas.

Again, with the rising cost of living, should our roads be maintained better? Who can we blame for this issue and why are we even paying road tax if our roads are not taken care of? A motorcyclist cannot claim against an accident caused by a pothole but rather, the rider themselves would get points for failure of looking out to danger. Or do we blame those contractors who earned a contract with our government because they are the ‘cheapest’ quote they could get?

An old saying would be ‘Pay peanuts, get monkeys’. We hope this is not the case. We feel that our citizens would prefer a proactive approach rather than reactive. We would not have to inform them that there is such dangers ahead but rather, they would fix it before anyone could bring the matter up to them.


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