Married Singapore Men Seduced By PRC For Sexy Time and Family Destroyed



A recent report about a PRC woman that entered into a marry men’s life and breaking up his family.

Dear Singapore Uncensored

“My friend is already married with kids. He is 40yrs old
He is a site supervisor earning $3k++ monthly.

Then last year his office came a PRC woman work in HR. The woman is 24yrs old.
When he apply child care Leave and MC, has to go thru this PRC woman to process.
He n this PRC goes to lunch together in his car.Over time he claimed he had sex with this PRC two times. After office hours they go dinner, movies, etc.

He is not rich. Just a old civic car. Stay 4rm HDB.

The PRC works in HR, so knows his salary and family details.

He is now confused why he so easily can make this PRC like him enough to have sex together.”



What do you guys think?



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