Many SG Girls Fall Prey To This Ang Moh Playboy.


“Hi, I read an article about the Sg girl’s ang moh bf who got stolen by an Indonesian maid. Can I add in the story because I know that person and he has been cheating women everywhere. I think people should beware of him.

I used to date this Finn man. When he was in India for business, I called him. A women who claimed to be his girlfriend, picked up. I found out he was cheating. I kept in touch with that girl from India and found out from her, he has been frauding women in India and police in India are taking action. That girl in India claimed to be pregnant with his child. So he returned to Singapore and and runs away from responsibility.

In Singapore, I also found out he has many women. I contacted those girls to find out the truth. There were a few Philipino maids and Indonesians maid and one Singaporean girl. I don’t know if there are more women that he has been playing around with.

The point of this is for all women to beware of this man.”


Submitted By: Xiao Ling


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