Image Source: The Washington Post (non-SG)

A shocking incident happened in Wisconsin(USA) after a man was licked by a dog. This might not happen in Singapore but it will be good to know.

Mr. Greg Mannteufel experienced fever, vomiting, and flu and followed by getting delirious. His wife sends him to the hospital and realized by the time he reached the hospital bruises were all over his body in a mere 5 mins. It was as if he was beaten up.

After laying in the hospital for a week his lost his legs and shortly after his hands, Mr. Manteufel worked as a house painter meaning he can no longer work this job.

It was noted by the hospital that he suffered a rare blood infection after harmful bacteria from a dog’s lick entered his system and caused blood poisoning from bacteria.

Mr. Mannteufel was playing with a few dogs before he felt sick and it could have come from any of the dogs that licked him.

Although doctors tried to stop the infection with antibiotics, his vessels clot up from the infection and blocked the flow of medicine to his hands and legs, which in return causes his muscles to die. Mannteufel will have to undergo several operations to remove the dead cells on his body.

The suspect behind this incident is Capnocytophaga canimorsus, a medical condition that is usually transmitted by a dogs bite and it’s life-threatening. This is not the first time it happened.

On a separate incident, another woman suffered organ failure after a dog licks her in the US.

Although, this did not happen in Singapore. But we do have dogs here, right?


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