Man went to toilet and took my used pad!


Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2

Dear SingaporeUncensored,

I was looking for a toilet in haste to change my soiled sanitary pad and the rest of the female cubical in the shopping mall was occupied. So I decided to use the handicap toilet at the end of the walkway.

Outside stood a man standing around and I thought it kind of strange as there no reason him to be there as not a cleaner nor waiting for someone (cos the handicap toilet is at the end of the road).

I didn’t thought much about it as I was rushing to change my pad cos my date is going to arrive any time and I want to be ready as soon as possible. So I did the usual and gotten it done and over with.

When I came out the man was still there as I exited the toilet he quickly rushed into it and I was a bit pissed off as he bumped into me without apologising. The time I knew he was exiting out of the corridor faster than me and what caught my eyes was he had a clear plastic bag that contain my sanitary pad. WTH????? I froze in my tracks and felt like puking I thought all this only happens in the movie.


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