Man Wear Mask Sneak Into NTUC Female Dorm And Molest Girls at night


hqdefault-1Earlier this month, a molester has been caught at NTU (Nanyang Technological University) Hall of Residence 1. The victim is an 18 year old girl who got awakened at 5.30am when she heard someone moving near her bed.

The victim got awakened by the noise made by the molester and woke up, the molester tried to hide behind a chair and hope she does not see him. The woman used her hand phone and turn on the torch light and saw him.

The man was not from NTU and is believed to sneak from outside to touch the girls staying inside.

Prior to the incident the residents has already reported that a masked man has been seen lurking in the school grounds and attempting to enter the female students room.

The 31 year old-man was arrested last friday. Molest is a sex crime in Singapore. Regardless whether the victim is a woman, a man or a transvestite.


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