Man Steal Over 200 Cans Of Milk Powder. Got So Hungry For Milk Ah?


A 34 year old man have been arrested by the police for his suspected involvement in a series of milk powder thefts from supermarkets all over Singapore. This all stemmed from a police report lodged on 6 March, that indicated that 24 tins of milk powder had been stolen from a supermarket along Turf Club Road.

Now, the question is, how did the man managed to steal 24 tins of milk powder and walked out of the supermarket? Surely someone would have seen this? And surely, carrying 24 tins of milk is a bit ridiculous? Who would use 24 tins of milk in a short space of time?

Incredibly, when police raided the suspect’s residence, a further 200 tins of milk powder were also found. Possible case of stealing the milk powders and selling it to make money? So desperate to make money to live in expensive Singapore?



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