Man standing outside lingerie shop staring at shoppers!!



I work in a lingerie shop near Jurong lately my customers has been telling me that there a strange man who would always stare at them when they are choosing their wares. I myself didn’t notice it until one of the customer alert me.

At first I thought that its was one of the customer husband and boyfriend as he look quite well groom and so I just bush it off. After that I realise that he always like to come to our shop during the peak period just standing outside and staring at the patrons. It seems like the stare was intent and very intense but there nothing per say that I can do about it as he outside the shop and not doing anything illegal.

I have to admit it’s kind of creepy to a pair of eyes to be following your movement while you’re shopping for your inner garment. I hope he get bored of it or go away soon.


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