Man lay his hand on Singapore girls and PRC woman say she can 1 person fight 3



Does anyone know this idiot bastard who assaulted us during our dinner. Never seen such a disgusting guy n disgrace bastard who tried to assault 3 girls. If I ain’t crippled I Guess I would have give you a punch even before the police reach. 不要以为我们好欺负 (do not think that we can easily be bullied)。

Robin Koh. 新加坡小小而已。你要一夜成名,我们可以成全你 (Singapore small only. You want to be famous overnight, we can fulfill you)。Never have I seen such a disgrace guy who lay hands on girls.

Was happily having our steamboat dinner at Bugis.
This guy together with his Wife (or maybe 小三 (mistress))from china n his friends was waiting besides our table. I Guess the restaurant was too packed and they spent Long hours waiting.

Probably a hungry person is an angry person and they get too bored while waiting and start to spout nonsense words towards us indirectly with all those vugularities. Saying that singaporean girls are ugly, n the china girl even trying hard to scold the word “CCB” & even mentioned that if this is china she would have slap us and she would have 一个打三个 (1 person fight 3)。
For us as usual find all these damn nonsense and we continue laughing n continue with our dinner.

After quite sometime they finally get hold of their own table n suddenly this guy approach us n say “eh 你们拍我们的照片是吗 (are you all taking our picture)?” we denied as we didn’t even bother to take them and he hit my Girlfriend hand hard n her phone dropped on the floor.
And this doesn’t stop when he even tried to have a fight with us and the boss owner is there to stop us.

Never have I seen such a disgraced guy in my life.

And we managed to have his photo because he ask us to 拍好看一点 (take a nicer picture)。but please take a look at urself first.

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