Robbed of RM80,000 valuables by 4 men pretending to be policemen in Kampung Bakar Batu, Johor Bahru while playing Pokemon Go.

My nightmare started on a normal Saturday early morning, on 15th July 2017, when I entered JB alone from Singapore to return to my apartment in Permas around 12.30am. It took about 30-40mins crossing the causeway. Upon entry, I filled some petrol before proceed to have supper at a coffee shop at corner of Jalan Keris.

I continue my drive home & when about nearing to Jalan Pantai road, I saw the only Pokemon gym at Kampung Bakar Batu was conquered by same team as mine & there was available slot for me to place my Pokemon. This venue was a slight left turn from Jalan Pantai & I have been there twice during day time to play Pokemon. I was parked at the road side for a few minutes when a car drove pass mine. It returned shortly after & flashed at me.
Feeling uneasy, I immediate speed off. As I entered the main road, I decide to slow down to see why they following me.
There were 4 men in the car shouting that I pull over to the side of the road. They were holding torchlights & walkie talkies.
Thinking they might be policemen, I stop my car by the road side. Lowered my window down slightly. Two of them approach my car on both driver & passenger side shouting that I come out of the car & show my identity.

I asked them who they were. The driver (guy 1) approach my side also wear a small backpack on his chest, sort of fumble with his bag trying to take out something however he never did.
Subsequently another guy (2nd guy) come to my side while I lowered my window, manage to snatch & pull off half my car remote. I come out of the car, and this guy ask me to go to their car to show my identity.

As I come out, lock my car & walk to their car. This guy ask me to give my car key. I walk back & retrieve my sling back. And he immediately went in my car & speed off.

I had no choice but to go to their car & was instructed to seat on the passenger seat.

While in their car, they continue to interrogate me asking why am I in the area. Am I peddling drug as this area are known to be drug peddling area.

The brought me back to the place they first flash at me. At the same time asking me to show my sling bag contain. A 3rd guy seated at the back, go through my Msia wallet, and while holding them, asked me to show my other wallet (Sg wallet). I insist he return them before show my bag content, which include my Msia & Sg wallet, 3 iphone & ipad.

Accusing me of not telling the truth they drove again & said will bring me back to the same place with the reason to inspect the surrounding to make sure did not dispose any drug on ground.
When reach they ask me to come out the car, then the 3rd guy ask me to show my bag content again. The 4th guy at the back shouted that he got wrong the instruction & telling us to come back in. This 3rd guy ask me to leave my bag in the car. And immediately he went back in the car. And they speed off.
Confuse & in the state of shock, still unsure if they were police, I walked to nearby house with light, calling hello few times.
Not getting response I walked to main road trying to stop cars for help. In between a teen ride a bike & ask if I called their house earlier. Telling him I was robbed. He said wait. Meanwhile another taxi stopped. However he said since I am cashless, i should go with the teen for help. He drive off & the teen returned.

He took me on his bike to find another friend at some nearby food stall & both of them brought me to police station.
This 2 young men really kind as they waited at the station with me till 6am when the police suggest they return home.
This whole ordeal was as whole:

1. Humiliating – I been asked by many why I stopped my car? Why I come out of my car? Why didn’t I drive to police station instead?

All I can say is, I always see myself as someone who is prepared for adrenaline rush danger, the flight or fight ready. Whether to drive away like mad or crash into danger. But I really believe they were police & I am trying to be law abiding.
No they did not at anytime brand a weapon to me.

2. Shocked, shaken, broken & hurt. The feeling of being stupid, foolish & naive of ignoring the possibility of danger being on my own, carrying cash, cards, mobile phones, ipad & laptop & my car. What was I even thinking in the early morning of 3am? The world is safe?

On early morning of 15th July 2017, I lost;

1. My car
2. Company laptop
3. Iphone 7plus, 6plus & 5
4. My ipad
5. Cash Sg dollar & Ringgit
6. Passport
7. Credit cards -Msia & Spore
8. Debit cards – Msia & Spore
9. ID, IC & driving license
10. Watson Touch & Go
11. Tesco Club Card
12. Cashcard
13. Touch & Go card
14. Apartment keys & tags
15. Hand free kit
16. Hairdryer
17. Gym card
18. Medical card
19. Other member cards

I was dump by the road side 3am in the morning without anything, stolen of all my identities in Kampung Bakar Batu, Johor Bahru by 4 Malay men pretending to be policemen. And I fall for it.

Laugh at me if you think I’m stupid. Coz I really felt like one. And yes, I go cold turkey on Pokemon Go.

Source : FB post by Lewis Lim


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