I’m at 1.96m tall and thin male. And I’m seriously not happy with my above-average height. I’m suffering from a inferiority complex.

My friends back in secondary school and JC used to make fun of my height which literally insulted me. They used to call me by names such as giraffe, camel, etc. I’m 23 years-old now and I’m still suffering from the trauma faced years ago. Even now, I do receive stares in the public and many keep asking me questions such as “How tall are you?”, “Do you play basketball?”, “How’s the weather up there?”, which is really humiliating.

Inevitably, I’ve become too self-conscious whenever I’m in a standing position. I’m always the unique one to be identified whenever I’m in a crowd as my head protrudes out from the rest. It’s just too strange and I can’t hide myself from the sight of anyone. Often when I converse with others in a standing position, they’ve been providing complaints such as “It’s causing me neck pain when I’ve to look up to talk to you. I think you better sit down”. It’s really embarrassing when I’m hearing this sort of remarks.

I couldn’t comfortably wear court shoes like other male counterparts due to the high heels, which would even increase my height. Hence, I’ve always been facing difficulties whenever purchasing shoes or slippers. And my enormous height is just causing me great difficulties to concentrate in my work. I’m just too afraid to do presentations as I’m too self-conscious of my height.

My social circle is significantly narrower compared to other peers. And importantly, I’m still single as I think girls shun me because of my height. Typically, since Asian girls are short, they only get along with boys who’re just slightly taller than them.

I’ve withdrawn from the university as I really couldn’t focus on my studies due to these problems. And I’m very depressed now.

Well, I’ve summarized the day-to-day difficulties I’m facing as a very tall man. I’d like to ask for advice from fellow tall peers and others who could make me feel better. Positive and encouraging ones please.

A Tall and Unhappy man


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