Man bought Thai amulet and got spooky encounter




Dear Editor,

Recently my friend Ah Boon bought a Thai amulet from a dealer in Geylang for good luck and blessing.
Things was smooth and he won much money in casino, he even starting to get lucky with girls when he goes to night clubs.

A few days ago, he begin to experience spooky things at night.
He started with hearing dragging sound on the floor in the middle of the night and people walking.
Things got worst and it became physical!! He started to bleed for no reason on his leg and arm. He also felt something pulling his hair and feel heavy on his shoulder!!

He threw the Amulet away as he felt something was wrong with it but all the weird things are still happening!

Please advise and help dear Singaporean!! The picture i send is a Amulet that is similar to what he have! I am worried for my friend safety!

-Concern friend-


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