“Never judge a book by its cover.”

And yes, you are right! I have never expected a decent guy like him to take obscene videos in public toilets.

I’m sending a photo of this pervertic guy who was caught red handed by me for taking obscene videos of me in one of the toilets at level 2 of Lavender Kitchener Complex. This incident happened on 8 Sep 2017, 6.20pm.

When I was in one of the cubicles, I saw a shadow above my head and noticed someone holding a mobile phone over the top of the cubicle taking videos of me.

I immediately shouted at him and came out of the cubicle but he refused to open the door. I managed to force open the cubicle door he was in and confronted him. However, he denied and tried to delete all the videos in his mobile phone. As I was confronting him, I managed to snatch over his phone to prevent him from further deleting the evidences.

He attempted to hit me to take back his phone but I managed to get help from two SCDF officers nearby. Police was contacted for assistance.

While waiting for the police’s arrival, the guy attempted to hit me and snatched back the phone for the second time. Failing to do so, he claimed that he had an appointment and requested help from SCDF to ask me to return the phone back to him so that he could make a call but I refused and asked him to wait for the police.

Upon investigation by police, this young guy was found to be in possession of similar videos of other male victims without them being aware they were being recorded.

I would like to urge parents not to let their children to use the facilities unsupervised or ladies to be accompanied at all times.

Please share and be wary of this guy.


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