Malaysian Raped By Uber Driver, Is Singapore Uber Safe?


uberinternal_1441974066677_191438_ver1-0Please note to all female passengers. Uber drive in malaysia drive female passenger to forest and get rapped. The driver even called several of his friends to gang rape the girl.

The victim finished work and waited downstairs for her uber to arrive. Shortly after, a SUV appeared and asked if she is waiting for her uber. She did not check if it was the same car booked by her.  Without a doubt she entered the vehicle.

The suspect drove 10 mins and realise the passenger has fallen asleep. To her shocked she woke up with several guys surrounding her. She tried to fight off but she was strangled and suffocate 3 times. She was brutally abused and locked in the vehicle for each of the guys to take turns with her.

Initially she did not want to report to police. After several persuasions from her family she went down to the police station. The malaysian police is currently investigating this incident.

Similar incidents has happened in the USA.

Don’t think you stay Singapore means 100% safe. Please share and bring awareness to improve vigilance to reduce rape case!

Uber is getting more and more common. I’m just worried one day my daughter or wife could be a victim of the drivers.


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