Malaysian Man Go SG Work As Gigolo But Got Scammed



(image source: The star)

The 37-year-old casualty, who needed to be referred to just as Mr Choo, said he required cash rapidly to satisfy his better half after a fight, so he reached a purported operator for “male escorts” presented by his companions.

“This specialist named Kent let me know he could get me ladies clients. He said I could procure up to RM3,000 for three hours’ work,” Mr Choo said at Teruntum assemblyman Sim Chon Siang’s office on Saturday (July 9).

In any case, there was a catch as Mr Choo needed to store RM1,000 to the operator’s financial balance as a handling expense, and also RM1,500 as a discoverer’s charge.

Verdict: Dont be greedy! Money dont come easy!


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