Hi I got an issue with LTA not sure if you can help raise awareness with the public On 16 Dec 2016, 4 pm. I was being tasked to delivery some event equipment to SGX Building at Shenton way (Boon Tat Link). Usually, we will reach an hour earlier to unload incase of traffic jams etc.

As SGX BUILDING has only 1 lot within their loading bay we were all queuing up to unload. After waiting for closed to 30mins we spoke to their security officer onsite and was asked to park somewhere near their pouch to unload (their pouch is really thin) after getting the instructions from them we follow suit. And to our horror 5mins later when we quickly came down to shift our van so that we don’t inconvenience other road users, we are slapped with a $180 fine and 3 points deducted.

I mean who would wanna park there since sgx building carpark is so cheap for the public! We were shocked. Yes, the road is a double Z line but HELLO. it’s a services road more ever it’s close during the evening for Lau Pa Sat……. this makes me wonder why we follow instructions yet kena fine… More ever recently government said civil servants no longer work with a heart and it’s true. After writing appeals to LTA explaining the situations to them yet they choose to ignore me and even ask and officer to call and say no! I told them it’s true that government agencies no longer serve with a heart and I’ll write to raise awareness to the public on this whole issue they just brush it off saying go ahead and do it they don’t care… power sia.

My msg is government really no longer serve with a heart
and they challenge us To go to media
Send via FB messages: Aden Junyi Li

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