Maids At Agency Waiting To Get Hire are Rumored To Work Part Time At Geylang


20120312-164157_sph_geylangDear editor,

Its common when one would walk past a maid agency and see a bunch of maids sitting on row of stools waiting for the next customer to walk in and hire one maid.

Recently i heard something disturbing from a friend of mine that deals with local maid agencies as an agent to find potential candidates to come Singapore and work as maids.

“Sometimes the maid no one hire, the agency ask the maid want ask fast cash or not. They pimp the maids at Geylang at Joo Chiat to cover some cost.”

Truth or not no one will know but if the maid was force against her will to do it then it would totally be another story.

Just got this anonymous tip, what do you guys think?


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