I was not driving today for grab and was sending my son to school. While waiting for my wife in the carpark, a grab enforcement officer came up to me and told me he need to do a few enforcement check. He ask for my PdvI/Tdvl, need to check the condition of my car and tyre as well as to check my phv decal. He then commented that I was wearing shorts.

I explained to him nicely that I am not driving for grab now and hence I am in this attire. However he keep insisting that I was driving for grab. He told me my last job was 0126hrs. I had to explain to him 5 times before he get it that my last job was 0126am. And not 1326hrs.

My question is, does LTA does this check to taxi driver? I am only a grab partner but why am I subject to grab enforcement check? Just because they are the king now? Worst. Today is my off day. I am driving my own car and wearing shorts. Is there anything wrong? Just because I am driving for them and I am subject to their scrutiny? Worst still check me in the middle of the carpark with all eyes on me like I did something wrong. Feeling damn piss.

Just a friendly reminder to all Drivers to be mindful of your attire. And yes even when you are on your off day, they can come and disturb you cause they are the king now.


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