Love Scam, Targeting Desperate Woman Seeking Love


love_scammer_foreign_beware_singapore_ladiesLadies!!!! Please be very aware of this fb love scam person. He claims that he is from London, UK. He will add u on fb and spam u with lots of msg on how he love u etc etc…. How he fell in love with u etc etc.. Everyday sending msg all on the same old point. Later he will go find out about your address and stuff. He will say he sending u a parcel as a gift and inside it contains things that are truly from his heart and it contains a secret envelope with USD 20,000 in it.

See picture on airway bill … Got telltale signs that’s why I din believe any single of his bullshits scam.

1. The airway bill tracking website is totally not valid
2. The airway bill obviously Photoshop if u take a closer look
3. He don’t even know my shoe size and he is sending shoes to me
4. Why the hell I need an iPhone 5s and note 4 when the latest already out in Singapore?
5. He paid USD 8,000 to post those stuff???
6. Attached USD 20,000 in the envelope when we don’t even know each other personally.

True enough. Malaysia Swift Courier Service called me regarding the delivery of his parcel to me, telling me that I need to pay Malaysia Ringgit 3,000 for clearance at Malaysia customs of not, will get blacklisted.

Guess as much it is a scam… Ladies beware of this scam wolf hiding behind the screen. Don’t get scammed by him.

(Facebook complaint by Jasmine Chong)


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