Appeal for witnesses to the road traffic accident involving my mum. Below is an account, based on what my mum remembered and shared when we saw her at the A&E resuscitation room.

On Thursday 1 Feb 2018 at about 10.30am, my mum was waiting for the green man at the traffic light junction of Woodlands Avenue 3 and Woodlands Centre Road (see picture attached). After the pedestrian light had turned green, she started walking towards the direction of Marsiling MRT station when suddenly, a lorry hit her and dragged her along the road before coming to a halt.

Being stuck underneath the vehicle, she remembers that she was being pulled out with help of a few people. Upon being dragged out from under the vehicle, my mum wanted to contact one of us but discovered that her mobile phone was smashed and she could not do so. Her clothes had also been ripped off almost completely.

The pain she felt was excruciating and she was in shock to see her left leg being so severely injured, with the skin ripped off and its bones, muscles and tendons visible (see picture attached). She also sustained multiple rib fractures and shoulder dislocation, and her face was badly bruised and swollen. My mum is currently still intubated in the ICU.

My family is in shock and distress, and we are seeking help for witnesses to this accident. If you were present at the accident site when it happened, or if you have any information on the accident, please contact us immediately at 8500 8888 (Sean Yeo).

We thank you in advance for your help.


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