As many of you know, I work in a low-income community at Spooner Road (near Outram). It is a high needs and low resource community. For the past year, I have had the privilege of having many of you step up to give to this community and I really value your contribution. A lot of what we do cannot be done without volunteers.

If you are looking to volunteer for the next four months, join us!

We are looking for:
1. Volunteers to read to our children who are P1 to P3. These children’s reading age typically falls below their own level, which means that they may be 7 years old but their reading age is at 5. A lot of our academic subjects require our children to be able to read. Therefore, it is an important skill we want to equip our children with. This programme takes place every Thursday, 730pm to 10pm for 12 weeks from March to May 2018. Training starts in Feb!

2. Volunteers to tutor our youths from 12 to 17 years old. Many of our youths have limited space to study at home, as they stay in one or two room flats. Their home environment may not be conducive for studying as well. At our centre, we provide a space for the children to study and we hope that they can receive academic support from volunteers in the meantime. This programme takes place every Tuesday, 730pm to 10pm for 10 weeks from March to May 2018. Training starts in Feb!

Feel free to ping me if you are interested to volunteer! We also run many other programmes. If you are interested to contribute but what I have mentioned does not fit, feel free to ping me as well.

Source: FB post by Kheng Leng Tok


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