Dear Singapore Police Force,

My Husband, he’s unlawfully held up at your headquarters at cantonment now. I am unsure of the full reason. What I know is that SPF have no rights to hold him back without the knowledge of him, his spouse or his family.

You guys ask him down to record a statement with a case that totally has nothing to do with him being the victim Nor the criminal. The appointed date was on 21st of May 2018, Monday at 11am. He has already applied for leave from his job.

You guys called him last minute today and requested for him to go down immediately. It was out of our way, as he is still on his job position and yes it was during his working hours. Nevertheless, he made the effort to head down DURING HIS LUNCH HOUR just for your convenience.

At 10:30am on 10/05/2018, Thursday. He reached cantonment. I believe recording a simple statement down will not take more than 3 hours!

Despite our efforts, now he’s at cantonment being held up. He doesn’t know. But you guys keep dragging his time. What if he loses his job? What if after losing his job we won’t get to apply for out BTO? Is the SPF or the GOVERNMENT going to be responsible for it? Sure you do.

It’s just a fancy lighter that he brought with him. It doesn’t do any harm. YES, we dare to admit that we own 2 samurai swords LEGALLY. My Husband is the LICENSE HOLDER for both swords, but you don’t see us bringing it everywhere or swinging it everywhere down the streets. Same goes for the fancy lighter.

Did we harm anyone with it?
Did we kill anyone with it?
Did we THREATEN anyone with it?

NO is the answer for all.

So please SPF, either you #returnmemyhusband or you give me, his lawfully wedded Wife a reason that I can accept. Otherwise please pay FULL RESPONSIBILITY for all the losses that we incur.

Or Isit Malaysia’s corruption period has ended, so SG will take the lead and be the next malaysia? Corrupted police and corrupted PMs?

Daniel Kazama

Dear Singapore Police Force,My Husband, he’s unlawfully held up at your headquarters at cantonment now. I am unsure of…

Posted by Chanelyn Koh on Wednesday, May 9, 2018


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