Lightning strike hit bungalow roof in Clementi and caught fire



A lightning strike hit two storey bungalow roof in 9 sunset place clementi and caught fire on Thursday (10 November 2016).

A neighbour said: “I was in her house when i heard a really loud clap and saw a bolt of lightning hitting the ground. “The whole roof was gutted, completely charred,”

Domestic helper Evelyn Altuna 36 years old said: “i heard a loud bang before the fire. My employer’s son saw the smoke and asked me to take a look, after the fire started, the electricity in our house was cut.”

An other neighbour said: “lightning is very common in the neighbourhood, two incidents in 2015 and in 1992 caused a surge in electricity and appliances including my cordless phone to be burnt.”

There were no reported injuries. SCDF said the cause of the fire is still under investigation.


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