Latest Scandal! Malay couple have s*x on staircase, girl dirty the place!



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There is a video circulating on tumblr showing a Malay couple doing an obscene act in public.

Here is the video: Perverts please go google stop asking SU where the video

The video begins by showing an attractive minah passionately performing oral sex on the man who is holding the camera. She is wearing a pink tudung and the video appears to be taken on a secluded HDB staircase landing. The man does not seem to be well endowed.

The couple then proceed to have sexual intercourse on the steps of the staircase itself and at the end of the video, the minah appears to be so excited that she squirted all over the steps of the staircase! Oh man, I pity the town council’s cleaners.

It seems disgraceful that this young lady is wearing a tudung while she has sex in public. She should show more respect to religion and customs. Perhaps the younger generation does not value modesty as much as the older generation did. Too bad for her, because the Malay chap she had sex with betrayed her soon afterwards, leaking the sex video he took onto the Internet. This seems to be a common trend these days! Why are girls so naive to believe that guys are just taking sex videos for the sake of remembering the moment of love.

Are youngsters so horny for sex that they cannot control themselves until they reach the nearest bedroom? Or are they simply taking Minister Josephine Teo’s words to heart. “You do not need much space to have sex”. Perhaps Minister Josephine Teo would be proud to see them doing it out in the open, without worrying about whether they can afford a HDB flat.

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