Latest Rape Scheme In Bangkok. Female Travellers Beware.


The latest rape crime is not the typical way of using a force and overpowering someone in the dark alley. This new technique has been reported by a woman as she was the victim of the crime.

she was on her way home when she notices a child crying and asking for help. The woman was worried and asked what happen to her.

Child: Im lost. I can’t find my mother.

Victim: Do you need help? I can get you home

Child: This is my address(pass her a piece of paper)

Shortly after getting a taxi. The woman decided to send the child back home. When entering the property of the “lost child’s home”. She got attack by a man with a taser. 

She later woke up in an alley and felt weak. Neither the lost child or the attacker was found. She decided to quickly go home. When she reached home and told her husband what happen she notice that semen has leaked out of her and dirtied her underwear. 

Then she realizes that she has been raped. The woman reported to the police. The police were brought to the initial address where she was lead to by the lost child and no one was found. The house was an abandoned home and ties to no names.

Within months of the incident, rape videos of her were circulating online and she was helpless against it.

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