Latest Offshore Scam. SGD$1Million Dollars Lost.


imagesBank employee Jeffrey Tan considers himself a veteran when it comes to investment.

2015 Dec, Tan took $20,000 and invested in a offshore betting company and lost half of the amount. Being a savvy investor, he managed to make his friends and family to invest $200k. All money that was invested went down the drain.

Tan claim to be one of the victims of 33-year-old Singaporean Alvin Ang Jun Bin the men responsible and the one that claims to be in charge of the off shore company.Police report has been filed.

Singapore Police have confirmed there are at least 20 scam cases logged against Ang . The suspect is believed to be using Whatsapp to spread his information about the “investment”.

Lau a F&B owner is also another victim that lost $55k in cash and 3 branded watches at $72K in total.

The total scam amount is more than a million dollars!

What do you guys think? why so many people go gullible?


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