LAMC Productions Burned By Netizens “GUNS N’ ROSES CONCERT’S Lamc provided a worst concert ever”


You call yourself a production company? This is the worst organized concert in Singapore history and for such a legendary band.
Are you offering refunds for your shit organization?
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Alain Rousseau: LAMC Productions, you f*cked it up so bad, this should have been the best concert of the year and you ruined it! I wish you’ll never ever be able to organize anything, except Justin Bieber’s birthday parties! I wish your business to die and go bankrupt in a long and painful suffering! I wish pigeons shit everyday on your logo until the end of times! I wish you to step barefoot on a lego every morning! Booooooo
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Elaine Wong: PEN A. Came in before d show started. Queued for 2 HOURS for drinks??!!!?? Asked d staff and they said SHORT OF MANPOWER and beer machine KEEP BREAKIN DOWN. Asked for refund for the wrist band n they said can’t refund. My first n last concert with this lame production. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 I WANT A REFUND!!!
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Janice Fong: Absolute rubbish of a production I’ve ever seen. Freakin rip off concert is what this was. LAMC went cheap on everything incl parking, screens (how tiny they were) and food.
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Rachel Hong: RIP OFF! Made us load rfid with cash and after 2 hours in the queue, found out there isn’t anymore food left. Best part? They were still accepting top ups… YOU OWE US A REFUND FOR ALL THE MONEY THAT WE HAVE ADDED INTO THE RFID!!! 😡😡😡

Alicia Khaw: Got great tickets but ’cause of the horrendous organization I can’t go in cause there is “no more parking”. I say no more parking because there is actually ample parking available (this place is so ulu there’s nothing around it) but they won’t let us park unless you have some decal which is sold out at the counter. Absolutely the worst planning I’ve encountered in Singapore…ever.

Ron Tan: This is rip off… a lot of money not refunded cos ran out of food… complain to case complain to mp… they should be banned!!!
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Bob Neo: The queue to enter is messy. The queue for drinks is absolutely horrendous… the queue for food… good luck getting served before the concert is over. The worst concert I have ever attended.
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Rima Srivastava: LAMC are a bunch of thieves. They should never run anything anymore. Do not buy anything from these thieves. They were still selling TOP ups while the bar and food had nothing left. All of us need a refund. Worst concert experience ever. Small stage, small screens, Long queues, no food, no alcohol and no buses or transport. Zero organisation.
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Tan Kuromi: LAMC productions..I bought a valet parking for $75..
But was told to find n collect my own car..If I bought a normal parking..I will still know where I parked n collect my car..
Imagine I bought Valet parking and was told to look for my own car…..See more
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Javaron Lim: Really bad experience ever, queue 2 hours for food and u hv to queue again for drinks. Transport arrangement is a joke, walk for anther half hour to get a taxi,what the hell. Seriously are u a concert organizer?
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Joseph Lee: No one checked my tix when I went in, no one checked my tix when I boarded the shuttle bus. Super bad organization.Boarded shuttle bus from expo to concert venue at 730, reached at 9. I demand a refund 😡😡😡

Lea Tilders: Queued for 1 hour and 40 minutes and didn’t get a single drink. Went home with 80 sgd on our wrists (and a headache from dehydration). 600+ Sgd paid for two tickets. Refund!!!!
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Janice Lee: Queue for an hour for bottled water. They do not care if you were dehydrated or not so long they earn your money first. By the time no more food, was served a small piece of watermelon for $15. No more concert with this production.
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Joe Santangelo: Terrible service. Worst organized event I’ve ever been to. Shame on you. Not in keeping with Singapore’s reputation. Just not good that we paid all this money for such crap service.


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