Sharing this incident on my good friend – Serene Seah’s behalf.
And to the officers: Well done and we are sooooo proud of you! God bless! 🙏👏👍

On 8/10/17 at about 1250 hrs, I were riding my bicycle back home towards Upper Boon Keng Road. Due to the heavy rainfall, I had to stop and take cover at the bus stop no. 80319 located outside Geylang West CC. At about 1300 hrs, an old lady were seen at the road junction between Upper Boon Keng Road and Geylang Lorong 3. She had a walking stick and were struggling to reach the bus stop. An ambulance PA113 (SKS 3974P) – Unistrong, happened to pass by. The driver stopped immediately to assist. 2 Paramedics immediately came out of the ambulance, with an umbrella to shelter the old lady. The officers in return got totally drenched in the rain as they carefully accompanied the old lady to the bus stop.

Once they reached the bus stop, they quickly took out tissues to help her wipe her face and body and trying to keep her warm. One officer returned to the vehicle and pulled out a blanket to help cover her body, to keep her warm. Though she refused to cover herself with the blanket, she took the tissues from the paramedics. The officer gladly offered her the entire packet of tissues. Another officer asked her questions about her home address and where she were headed to before getting caught in the rain. She replied him that she came out for lunch. They asked her if she needed an umbrella but she turned them down citing that it’s not convenient for her to hold the umbrella while using her walking aid.

They left soon after to attend to a call after I assured them that I would manage her. I chatted with her for some time and came to know her name were Mdm Irene and she lives in Geylang Lorong 3. She told me that she didn’t like her lunch given by the welfare home and that was the reason why she had to take the bus service no. 140 to have her lunch at her preferred location.

I would like to extend my heartiest appreciation on behalf of Mdm Irene to the officers who had helped her despite getting drenched in the rain. I didn’t manage to get the kind officers’ name, they displayed very positive mind-set on their work attitude and were very sincere on helping Mdm Irene. Their consideration and kindness should not go unnoticed, should be recognised and they should be rewarded. Kudos to the officers, Well done!! 👏

Source: FB post by Ka Maghalingam 


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