KPO auntie shaming mother for breastfeeding at kallang leisure park



A lady was going to fetch her mum up from Kallang Leisure Park last Sunday, and brought her little girls along for the drive. She had no helper to put them at home with. As she was somehow before time for the pickup, and the infant was hungry, She then moved into the rearward sitting arrangement of her auto to get more comfortable, and started to breastfeed the baby.

She was stopped at an outside carpark, under the shade, along the edge of the shopping center. Her young girl was in the back of car also, perusing her book. Around five minutes into feeding, a moderately aged lady, who “seemed as though she was a working professional”, strolled past her auto, halted directly before the mother, and went up against her through the window of her auto.

She told her that is was very shameless to expose her breasts to the public .

She was left astounded. What? Regardless of the possibility that this was an open place like an eatery or a recreation center, this would be thoroughly alright. she is in the bound space of my own auto! These contemplation kept running past her’s mind, yet she was excessively stunned, making it impossible to react.


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