Korean Woman Got Murdered By PRC Tourist “She look like my ex wife”


jeju_stabbing-thumb-640xauto-966356Chinese visitors are evidently attempting to getting themselves banned from the well known South Korean resort island of Jeju. Only one week after an eatery proprietor was assaulted by a gathering of boisterous Chinese travelers, a lady has been cut to death by another guest.

Korean police say that a 50-year-old Chinese vacationer surnamed Chen cut a 61-year-old Korean lady surnamed Kim.In the wake of being cut four times by the man, Kim could call the amubulane. She was immediately raced to the doctor’s facility and experienced surgery. Lamentably, specialists were not able spare her life and she passed on the following day from her injuries.

In the interim, Chen fled the scene of the wrongdoing and the city itself. He was at long last gotten by police at 3:50 p.m. in another city on the island, as per The Korea Times.

In the wake of addressing, police uncovered that misogyny may have been behind the horrendous homicide.

“He said he went by the house of prayer to atone however lost control of himself when he saw the lady who looked like one of his ex wife,”


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