Kopitiam Auntie Serve dirty bread to me At Tiong Bahru Plaza


At 7:20pm-7:25 pm (13/02/2017), I patronize the third-floor Kopitiam in Tiong Bahru plaza. I ask for Set A kopi change to milo. The Siao chabor serve me the milo without stirring the powder. She handed over to me with the milo powder on the surface. Even the woman queuing behind me ask me what is this. This is not the first time, 3 weeks ago, I take away a cup of kopi, she didn’t stir too.

The bread toast she gave me leftover one, one of the pieces of bread is dirtied by water. The bread is not toasted on the spot, its leftover by a certain customer. The two eggs are overboiled. The worst part is the drinks, she never stirs my drinks, she does this to me only or to every customer? Why is this idiot still around???97

In future, whenever I see this idiot, I won’t go near her. Kopitiam, this my open complaint, let’s see what you do to this woman. If nothing is done, I will take her photo and post in forums.


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