Killer Litter. Throw Battery Down From Condo. Glass Shattered.


I live in this rented unit and I have informed the condo management roughly 1 hour after it happened (it happened around 1120 am today), but we couldn’t find out who did this. We found a Li-on battery on top of the panel, which we suspect has shattered the glass.

I guess my ass is covered by the clause in tenancy agreement where it states i only pay up to 100 dollars for major repairs. But i am really pissed by whoever did this and i suspect it is the same dude who has been throwing cigarette butts to the very same glass panel non-stop since i moved in. Soi really want to see him dealt with.

Anyone knows what I should do to help identify the offender or prevent it from happening again. NEA? Police? I felt the condo management hasn’t been very helpful coz they are just like “ok, i’ll let my boss know and tell the residents not to throw”. Thanks

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