Kids Climb 2,600-High Clift To Attend School



Situated in southwestern China, the 200-year-old town of Atule’er is known as a bluff town, and in light of current circumstances. It is on top of a 2,624-foot-tall crest. The populace is little and comprises of around 70 families. The people group is totally independent and the vast majority bring home the bacon developing chilies and corn on the rich area. The neighborhood legislature of Zhaojue County, which is situated in Sichuan Province, as of late burned through $155,000 on sheep for the occupants. As it were, those creatures are a statement of regret, subsequent to the province does not have the essential $9 million to develop a street that would interface the town with its school.


This is not something out of a movie scene where a bunch of children a trying hard get education. This is a real life scenario where students face the danger of climbing the mountain to get education. They have greatly earned my respect.

“No life insurance is going to cover this!!!”


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