Jurong West Woman Eyes Got Dig Out And Offered To Devil

Photo source: SPF

eye Gouging murder of Jurong West Victim

The girl was assaulted by her bald-headed boyfriend when he thought his girlfriend were possessed by the devil. He even brought her to a church to exorcise the demon. The following day he gathered 7 different weapons and entered the victim’s room and killed her. He even gouges out her eyes!!!

This happened on 2012 March 30th between 11.44pm and 6.52am.

Location: Jurong West Street 65 Blk 633 Level 14

The deceased was 24 years old, Lai Lian ci (name of Elsie), and the defendant is 42 years old boyfriend Li Hao lin (transliteration, the name of Gabriel, security guards).

According to the autopsy report showed the deceased, appears at least 40 wounds occur at the neck cut, the head appears to have been cut off.
Police at the scene found the room have a spoon, fork, hammer, hammer handle, can opener, two pairs of scissors, gardening knives and other weapons.

He faces a manslaughter charge and was sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty yesterday morning.


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